Recognized as one of the top Architectural Design & Drafting programs in Washington State for the past 50 years, EWHS students have won numerous Design and Drafting awards. They consistently place in the top 5 at Local, Regional and State competitions and receive scholarships and advanced placement to Colleges and Universities.

Many students have also submitted proposals and received competition notable mentions for their entries in National and International Design Competitions.


Access to software is available to students including Autodesk, ArchiCAD

and Google SketchUP which offer free downloads of software used in

Design & Engineering professions.


Internships and jobs may also be available for qualifying students in addition to opportunities to attend professional workshops and apply for various vocational scholarships. The program is also open to students from other schools and in some cases, transportation may be provided.


Students can also receive College credit for successful completion of coursework which has been aligned with local Colleges and Universities curriculum through the Tech Prep program. Dual High School CTE, Math, and Art credit are also available for high school diploma equivalency requirements. Click to learn more


We invite you to visit our studio in EWHS at the corner of 76th and 212th St. S.W. in Edmonds, Washington. We are located in C102 . Phone Tim Stensland at (425) 431-6147. or email inquires to: stenslandt@edmonds.wednet.edu

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, physical visits to the studio are not available at this time until further notice.

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